The place

Ensuès la Redonne, at 20 km west of Marseille, 20 km est of Martigues it exist yet some littles calanques unknowed ! La Madrague, La Redonne, Les Figuières, Méjean and on le Rove: Niolon et la Vesse.

Qui connait Ensuès la Redonne?

Small village of the blue coast, Ensuès stayed except organised trips. < / br > It was a small village of goatherds and fishermen: Madrague de Gignac is one of older Madrague of the Mediterranean Coast. (Madrague is a technique of peach(fishing) to the tuna) < / br > 5 small creeks of Ensuès all knew how to preserve a housing environment to cabanonier < / br > Blaise Cendras in 1926 lived there and has write in particular this famous sentence difficult to traduce "Quoiqu'il en soit du temps perdu, puisque je ne faisais rien, je n'ai jamais été aussi heureux qu'à la Redonne< / br > < / br > No hotel no camping, a " green tourism " which allows the hosts to appreciate a tranquillity and a rare authenticity by the sea.
Three quarter of the municipality belong to the academy of the litoral what allowed it to avoid the universal concrete! Numerous hiking trails cross the chaine of Nerthe and the coast . < / br > The marine park of the blue coast situated between the Spinning wheel and Carry (210 ha) as well as to Carro (85 ha) exists for 30 years. He allowed the marine flora and fauna to develop, to make return fishes as groupers, to prevent the disappearance of the herbariums of posidonia etc..

Very family and authentic place, we feel there at once good and we return there...

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